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"Mannerheim International" -seminaari 17.-18.8.2017

Mannerheim seminaari


This seminar examines the international role of Marshal Mannerheim and, through him, an international view on Finnish History. Finland and its relation to seven other countries, both in historical times and today, is under the discussion of historians and diplomats in Helsinki.

Gustaf Mannerheim was born in Finland, but with a deep consciousness of his Swedish family roots, and very soon he established a life in Russia and had a home in Poland. Coming back home in 1917, his activities were in close relationship to Germany and again Russia, with England and France being not only the object of his cultural admiration but also a possible political orientation. In his last years, Switzerland became his home and the symbol of a national neutrality.

Are these personal ties representative for Finland as a whole? How did the individual history entertwine with the national history? These questions are debated as an introduction to further researches on the international context of Finland, both the year 1917, in the previous period and especially during the independent era up to our times in 2017.

Open for public.

Pre-registration required (link to the registration form/linkki ilmoittautumislomakkeeseen)

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Further information/Lisätietoa:

Kristina.ranki(at)mannerheim-museo.fi (contents and organization)
Pia.osterman(at)helsinki.fi (registration)

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